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Fthiotida Airclub and Aerathletic Union of Magnesia is organizing a competition for F5J  radio control electric sailplane models as FAI World Cup and Contest Eurotour Event.

Our competition organized one week before Bulgaria F5J Cup so competitors have the opportunity to competed two competition in one week.

Date:        24 & 25 June 2017

Field near Stefanovikeio 

39°28'31.0"N 22°45'44.5"E


The competition is organized in accordance to FAI Sporting Code , section  4. Scoring will be individual, and the top three contestants will be awarded. Additional prizes will be also awarded to all pilots.

 Contestants must hold a valid FAI license for aeromodelling. Languages: English and Greek


50 Euro (Written form) 

International Jury:

Representatives  Bulgaria, Greece.


                               Friday 23 June :            

                                     Arrival, accommodation and training

                              Saturday 24 June : 
                                     08:30   Opening     
                                     09:30-13:30  Qualifying Rounds 
                                     13:30-14:00  Break for Lunch 
                                     14:30-18:00  Qualifying Rounds 
                                     20:00   Launch

                             Sunday 25 June :  
                                    08:30-11:00  Qualifying Rounds 
                                    11:00-13:00  Final Rounds  
                                    13:30            Prize giving ceremony

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 50 Euro for Seniors and free for Juniors. The fee is payable on the field and includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday


Registration by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration information

Please indicate on your application as following: - first and last name , country - channel nr. (main) - channel nr. (spare) - FAI licence nr.

Registrations until  16 June 2017

Due to organizational constraints, the maximum number of participants is 56. It will be a priority.


Will be posted on boards during the competition. Online results will be available after competition on web page: 


Organizers  will award trophies for first three competitors in Senior and first three in Junior ranking.

Accommodation & meals:
There is possibility of accommodation in hostels Panthessaliko Stadium at a cost of 10 € per person / per night. For reservations at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also there is accommodation facility at hotel Apolafsi in Alykes of Volos (5kn from the center) and two minutes from the beach, for 15 euro per person/ per night. Double rooms and four person Studios available in hotel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At the center of Volos there is accommodation facility at hotel Nefeli ( ) at very reasonable price per night.
It is also possible to camp near the flight field.

Bottled water will be provided free to those who attend the event.

All competitors compete at their own risk. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any  damages or injuries, caused by  competitors, person or subject.

Additional rules for the competition.:

The helper or the competitor has to inform the timekeeper about the position of the model about 60 seconds before landing. Who miss to do that has not entitled to a reflight in case his attempt has not been judged by the timekeeper. Because of the F5J FAI rules use of Gyroscope is not allowed in the models.


The organizers are looking forward to meeting you  and hoping we all have a successful event!